September 15, 2022
New Xcinex Device will Sell and Stream Movies in Audiences' Homes

Here’s How Movie Theaters will Transition into People’s Homes, according to One Company with a New Gadget

This company is developing technology that will move public events from commercial spaces into people’s private residences…

Most most movie theaters shut down in mid-March. Since that time, there have been a number of changes in the entertainment industry. Among the biggest, is the transition from in-theater premieres to streaming services. Rather than release films in public cinemas, studios have opted to add their newest releases to the likes of Disney+, Apple +, and others.

But, with a possible second wave of COVID-19 coming this fall, and an already uncertain future for movie theater chains, the way films premiere might permanently change. Instead of debuting on the big screen, those new releases will go straight into audiences’ homes.

New Xcinex Device will Sell and Stream Movies in Audiences’ Homes

Enter Xcinex (pronounced  “scene-x”), a company with a new-fangled gadget that it claims will transition the movie experience from commercial buildings to residential houses. Said device is situated on top of a television, where it scans the room to perform a head count. It then will offer that same number of tickets for sale to watch a movie, musical concert, theatrical performance, and similar events.

Of course, many people won’t enthusiastically welcome such technology, due to privacy concerns. But, the company says there’s nothing to worry about, since it simply counts the number of people in a room. Plus, it does not include any facial recognition technology. What’s more, the system is engineered to ignore people who are merely momentarily passing through the room.

While this sounds good in theory, in real life practice it could or could not prove to be the way movie theaters transition into residential homes.

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