May 24, 2022
New Xenomorph Android Malware Steals Banking App Login Credentials

Security Researches Discover a New Banking Malware that Steals Login Information

Xenomorph malware is a new strain of Alien, with the capability to siphon off victims’ banking app login credentials clandestinely…

Just when you think the bad guys can’t get any worse, a new Trojan species pops up to shock us all. This time around, it’s known as Xenomorph due to its ties with Alien malware which started making rounds in fall 2020. But while both have similar coding patterns (and even share some similarities), this particular strain is far more advanced than what we’ve seen before. Researchers believe over 50,000 Android users may have downloaded one application containing banking app malicious code targeted at 56 different banks across Europe.

New Xenomorph Android Malware Steals Banking App Login Credentials

As the cyber-security experts at ThreatFabric note, hackers are always finding new ways to distribute malicious software through the Google Play store. Google is fighting back, but determined hackers always seem to be one step ahead. One recent, nefarious example was the Fast Cleaner app. It claimed to be capable of speeding up Android phones by removing clutter. But in reality, Fast Cleaner was a dropper for the Xenomorph banking app malware.

Once downloaded and up and running, Xenomorph goes to work, monitoring banking applications. When the opportunity arises, the Trojan software secretly steals its victims’ banking login credentials. Of course, this gives cyber-criminals unfettered access to victims’ accounts.

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