October 14, 2021
New Yelp Virtual Business Services Feature Added

Yelp Adds New Virtual Services Category to Help Highlight Business’ Offerings

Yelp is bringing a new highlighted category to its platform, that puts the focus on businesses’ virtual capabilities for existing and new customers…

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantines have been difficult to devastating for small businesses. Many won’t return from the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and those that do will need all the exposure they can get. Now, Yelp is helping out in another way, by adding a new virtual services category.

New Yelp Virtual Business Services Feature Added

The new Yelp virtual services offerings section will put an emphasis on things like virtual consultations, home services, tours, classes, performances, and more. Anyone searching on Yelp will be able to see these and know which businesses are open and provide such services.

Yelp states businesses are beginning to introduce or adopt this new style of commerce, including those involving fitness, health care, real estate, home services, and more. Yelp’s consumer head of consumer product Akhil Kuduvalli, wrote in an email to TechCrunch:

“With these new product updates, businesses of all types that are adapting and changing the way they operate will be able to better connect with their customers and potentially find new ones. Once business owners update their virtual service offerings on their Yelp for Business profiles, we will surface those updates to consumers through new call-to-action buttons, by updating the home screen and search results with links to groups of businesses offering these new virtual services, as well as surfacing them in other formats like Collections.”

Credit: Yelp

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