November 26, 2021
YouTube add to queue

YouTube is Experimenting with an ‘Add to Queue’ Feature and Here’s How to Use It

YouTube is now testing a new ‘add to queue’ tool for desktop on the web and it’s pretty easy to use, with a few simple steps…

Google has announced via a tweet, it’s experimenting with a new YouTube “add to queue” option. And, it does just that — it lets signed-in users add videos to a queue to play one after another.

New YouTube ‘Add to Queue’ Option Debuts for the Web and Here’s How to Use It

The YouTube “add to queue” test will run until September 10th and added content appears under “Save to Watch Later.”

It only works on the web, through a desktop or laptop and it’s possible to rearrange the playback order and/or delete items from the queue.

How to Use the New YouTube Add to Queue Feature

To enable the new YouTube “add to queue” option, do the following:

  1. Sign into Google Chrome.
  2. Visit
  3. Go over to”Create a queue.” 
  4. Click on “Try it out.”
  5. Add videos to the queue.


YouTube add to queue test
Credit: Google / YouTube

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