June 23, 2022
New YouTube Creator Liaison Hired to Help the Platform's Stars

YouTube Hires a Creator Liaison to Help Stars make Good Decisions and Avoid Trouble

YouTube has created a new liaison role to help its many stars understand the platform’s policies and rules to avoid problems…

There’s far more to being successful on YouTube than just putting out interesting and popular video content. It’s also knowing what not to do. Obviously, the site has had its fair share of creator controversies and some have gone on to make bad situations much worse. So, the video hosting company has hired a liaison to help creators avoid the many pitfalls that come with stardom.

New YouTube Creator Liaison Hired to Help the Platform’s Stars

YouTube has hired Matt Kovalakides as a Head Creator Liaison who’ll help creators understand how the site actually works.

It’s not just about running afoul of the platform’s rules, but the changes the site makes that include results such as inconsistent policy enforcement, erroneous demonetization, and other issues that negatively impact creators.

While this might not deliver a magic bullet to straighten up every situation, it should help to seriously reduce misunderstandings and assist creators with making informed decisions.

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