January 26, 2022
new YouTube feature Community replacing Discussion tab

New YouTube Feature Targeting Facebook Pages

A new YouTube feature called “Community” replacing the Discussions tab, built from Google Plus, seeks to target Facebook Pages market share…

Alphabet’s YouTube is replacing its Discussion tab with a new feature called “Community” in an attempt to pull market share away from Facebook Pages. Locked in a constant battle for advertising dollars, Alphabet is shifting resources to YouTube as Google Plus fails to bolster or even hold, its active user base.

Facebook is working to expand its search capabilities, seeking to increase its ad revenue. In response, Alphabet is turning to one of its most popular platforms, YouTube. Consumers are fond of video, with 300 hours uploaded every minute. A remarkable 1.3 billion people use the desktop and mobile site regularly and nearly 5 billion video views occur daily.

New YouTube Feature “Community” is Targeting Facebook Pages Users

YouTube is an ideal rival to challenge Facebook, as 80 percent of its views are outside the United States. Recently, a new Facebook Lookalike Audience tool expanded to allow businesses to market to international users. This new YouTube feature is an apparent counter to the social network’s latest marketing tool.

The Community tab allows users to post text, GIFs, live video, images, and more — effectively creating a social media platform. The content will appear in mobile users’ “Subscription” feed; there is also a push notification option available.

For some time, the tech company has worked in collaboration with a small group of creators on the feature under the codename “Backstage.” Currently, Community is in limited release with over a dozen creators but the platform will expand incrementally. “We look forward to rolling out new features and functions as well as including more creators in the months ahead,” Kiley McEvoy, Senior Product Manager explains.

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