September 15, 2022
new YouTube live streaming features

New YouTube Live Streaming Features Announced

A useful set of new YouTube live streaming features are coming to the video hosting site, making its UX or user experience much improved…

Today, YouTube announced it’s bringing some helpful tools to its live streaming service. The features are going live as of today and will certainly be welcomed by regular users. 

New YouTube Live Streaming Features include Low-Latency, Moderation Options, and More

The new YouTube live streaming features allow users to enjoy a low-latency experience. Also, there’s a comment moderation option rolling out to the platform. The popular video hosting site now gives users the power to reduce live broadcast latency from several seconds to just one or two. This option is best for live streams, giving creators another helpful tool to interact with viewers.

Another new feature is the chat moderation tool. Users can now place a chat on pause simply by selecting “alt/option” and hovering over messages to delete them or give approval. Furthermore, streamers can also opt into a new inappropriate message filter, which holds such messages for review.

What’s more, the system actually learns from use. So, the more it’s employed, the better it can identify a user’s preferences. It even prevents messages from posting before users take action to approve, hide, or report them. This will help keep chats cleaner and more friendly.

Additionally, YouTube introduced shareable hidden user lists. Moderators can now easily share their lists with one another. It works with both comments and live chat. Plus, it offers the ability to stream directly to the main YouTube app, along with iPhones and iPads with ReplayKit support.

YouTube just introduced a redesigned logo and added more features to its desktop and mobile app.