January 25, 2022
YouTube material design

New YouTube Material Design Refresh Goes Live with Opt-In Option

A new YouTube material design user interface is now live for desktop, with an optional trial, sporting a new black background toggle on/off feature…

With more than a year in testing done, the new YouTube material design user interface is now available on the desktop version. The Google video platform now allows users to access the new user experience without requiring a URL workaround. The goal of the refresh is to bring the desktop platform more closer to the mobile version, sporting a simpler look.

New YouTube Material Design User Experience Interface Now Live

The new interface includes an infinite scroll feature, end-to-end user profile banner, as well as bigger hero videos on users’ profile pages. With theater mode enabled, the background turns black to match the rest of the video play area. The dark theme is accessible right from the user icon. This feature gives users the ability to view videos in low-light or in the dark, making it more comfortable on the eyes.

YouTube material design new version dark theme
Dark theme
YouTube material design old version
Old Version (Credit: TechCrunch)
YouTube material design new version
New Version (Credit: TechCrunch)

Currently, the preview is open worldwide but is only available to a limited number of opt-in users. After the company reaches a certain percentage, the development team might close the preview to better monitor feedback.

“Roughly 1 to 3 percent of users got Material Design during our testing period,” he told us of the trial from last year. If demand is high, the team says they will work as quickly as they can to fully implement the change. “From a tech and performance standpoint, there’s a lot going on under the hood that we need more time… We hope it’s [ready] in a matter of months, we don’t want to be sitting on this for a year,” Manuel Bronstein, the VP of Product Management, told The Verge.

To use the new site, simply go to: YouTube.com/new on a desktop machine. To revert back, just click on “Restore class YouTube” in the accounts menu.

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