October 5, 2022
youtube creators monetization symbols

This is How Much Cash YouTube Creators can Make

New YouTube creators’ monetization symbols roll out to clarify what people are earning through their videos, along with a streamlined appeal process…

Google just updated its video creators’ monetization insights on YouTube. In a new announcement on its official blog, the company states it’s been working to improve the platform, including how videos can earn cash.

YouTube Creators can Now Look to New Monetization Symbols

YouTube will now add new monetization symbols to give creators a better understanding of how their videos are and are not monetized. This comes in the wake of a big brand revolt, after adverts started showing next to objectionable content. In April, YouTube introduced new third-party safety tools in an effort to lure brands back to the video hosting site.

Now, it’s letting creators know which videos are eligible, partly eligible, and ineligible for monetization. “Over the next few weeks, we plan to roll out new icons that will give you a more detailed understanding of how each and every video on your channel (or channels) is monetizing as well as the ability to appeal if you think a video is misclassified. We want our systems to get better and better – and every appeal helps.”

As pictured below, a green circle with a white dollar sign indicates the video is eligible for monetization through the broadest amount of advertisers, as well as on YouTube Red. A yellow circle with a white dollar sign means the video remains eligible but the platform will limit or refrain from showing ads because it’s unsuitable for some advertisers or is fully demonetized because it does not comply with the hosting site’s guidelines.

Finally, the dollar sign with a slash, “Indicates videos that will receive no revenue from ads or YouTube Red. This might be because of a copyright strike, Content ID claim, or Community Guidelines strike.”

youtube creators monetization symbols screenshot
Credit: YouTube

YouTube also stated these icons do not change video earnings, but instead provide a more detailed understanding of video monetization classifications. Additionally, YouTube appeals will now go through the Video Manager for a more streamlined process.

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