October 22, 2021
new YouTube Music Explore tab replaces Hotlist

YouTube Music to Replace its ‘Hotlist’ Tab with ‘Explore’

YouTube Music continues to make changes to its interface and will soon replace its current “Hotlist” tab with “Explore” for Android and iOS…

Google has slowly but surely rolled out a number of changes to YouTube Music, the eventual replacement for Google Play Music. Recently, it’s revamped user channels and reorganized its Library. Next, the service will replace its present “Hotlist” tab with “Explore” for both its Android and iOS mobile applications.

New YouTube Music Explore Tab Replaces Hotlist

The YouTube Music Hotlist section has only been a part of the experience since the last relaunch, which highlights what’s most recently trending on the main YouTube site. Hence, the name Hotlist, because it lists the most popular content on YouTube proper.

By comparison, the coming YouTube Music Explore section is primarily focused on helping listeners discover new music and find various playlists. Explore contains two main sections: New Releases and Moods and Groves. The former highlights the most popular albums, tracks, and videos. While the latter helps people find the right playlist or genre for the moment.

YouTube Music now also contains a carousel of “New albums & singles.” The YouTube Music Explore tab will first appear on Android and iOS and will later come to the main web client for desktop.

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