May 19, 2022
New YouTube Music Homescreen My Station-Your Mix Shortcut Appears

YouTube Music Now Sports a New Homescreen Shortcut for ‘My Station’/’Your Mix’

YouTube Music now has a new homescreen shortcut that goes straight to My Station / Your Mix sections, as it readies to replace Google Play Music…

Google Play Music will sunset some time this year and YouTube Music is being prepped as its replacement. Google has even begun to allow some Play Music users to transfer over their playlists and such to YouTube Music, though the transfer tool isn’t yet available to everyone. But, as the end grows nigh for Play Music, Google keeps adding new things to YouTube Music. Now, it sports a new homescreen shortcut to My Station / Your Mix.

New YouTube Music Homescreen ‘My Station’/’Your Mix’ Shortcut Appears

The addition signals that Google is tweaking the app in a number of ways. And, for good reason. Several unscientific polls and anecdotes out there on the web strongly suggest that the vast majority of Google Play Music users simply aren’t ready (or even voluntarily willing) to make the switch. 

This represents an ongoing problem with Big G. The company has become notorious for  releasing a number of products and services with huge overlaps. But, it’s determined to make YouTube Music work. More changes are likely on the way to YouTube Music before Google ultimately kills off Play Music, with this being just one.

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