August 5, 2022
YouTube Redirect Method

New YouTube Redirect Method Rolls Out to Fight Terrorism on the Video Platform

The YouTube Redirect Method comes to the video hosting platform, designed to strategically battle back against terrorist and extremist recruiting content…

In June, YouTube introduced a hateful video ban. Before that, the platform rolled out third-party safety tools after a number of brands revolted. The backlash came from businesses who experienced extremist content around their own brands, which allegedly tarnished reputations.

New YouTube Redirect Method Launches to Combat Extremism on the Video Hosting Site

Then, about mid-June, the company announced four more steps to fight terrorism, starting with implementing different technologies. Second, it expanded it Trusted Flagger reports, along with taking a tougher stance on user policy guideline violations. Finally, it expanded its role in counter-radicalization efforts. To that end, the new YouTube Redirect Method is rolling out today.

Specifically, the company will more to combat extremist content. It’s doing this by implementing the Redirect Method, a proven system which strategically identifies certain search terms and “redirects” searchers to videos which debunk violent recruiting narratives.

Basically, the technology just returns videos that are the opposite of those extremist search queries. So, instead of delivering terrorist organizations’ videos, those searchers will only see videos which dissuade such violent behaviors. In the coming weeks, the company states it will build on its fight against terrorism. Here’s a direct quote of how it hopes to make that happen:

  • Expanding the new YouTube product functionality to a wider set of search queries in other languages beyond English.
  • Using machine learning to dynamically update the search query terms.
  • Working with expert NGOs on developing new video content designed to counter violent extremist messaging at different parts of the radicalization funnel.
  • Collaborating with Jigsaw to expand the “Redirect Method” in Europe.

YouTube states it will measure its level of success by the amount of content engaged.

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