September 30, 2022
New YouTube Test Automatically Translates Content into Viewers' Native Languages

YouTube is Experimenting with Automatic Translations in Viewers’ Native Languages

YouTube previously removed community captions last year, which caused an uproar, but now, the video host is testing automatic translations…

YouTube upset a bunch of people last year when it took away community captions. It was largely regarded as a blow to global users who routinely relied on the tool for translating content. Its absence has forced viewers to turn to both automatic and manual uploaded subtitles. The trouble with these workarounds is the fact that they are quite unreliable. But, Google appears to have a new solution — automatically translating content into the viewer’s native language.

New YouTube Test Automatically Translates Content into Viewers’ Native Languages

YouTube is now testing a new tool that automatically translates English into users’ native languages, according to Android Police. People in on the experiment are now seeing translation options for various elements, such as video titles, descriptions, and closed captions. These appear on the web, desktop, and even the mobile app. However, it’s only working for English to Portuguese and English to Turkish.

It seems the test is initiated through a server-side change and not through an update to the web client or mobile application. Also, it’s unknown how widespread the experiment actually is and whether or not it will make its way out to wide, stable release for everyone who needs it

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