October 28, 2020
youtube ticketmaster integration

New YouTube Ticketmaster Integration Set to Launch

A new YouTube Ticketmaster integration is coming to the world’s most popular video hosting platform, allowing fans to purchase concert tickets…

YouTube is the primary music video source for many fans around the world. Now, it appears that huge following is about to get more functional. Instead of just watching artists perform their hits, fans will soon be able to purchase concert tickets.

New YouTube Ticketmaster Integration Coming Soon

Google just announced a new YouTube Ticketmaster integration. Soon, underneath the description on official channels, users will see upcoming show dates if the artist is currently on tour. The information includes the tour name, a related image, and lists local show dates and times:

youtube ticketmaster integration example
Credit: Google


Additionally, there is a chronological list of tour dates and venues. Fans can simply click or tap on the feature. Doing so redirects straight to the Ticketmaster site, where secure purchases can easily be made.

Google states the integration gives artists more opportunity to reach more fans. And, it’s partnering with Ticketmaster because the organization boast a stellar reputation. “YouTube’s massive fan base paired with Ticketmaster’s global roster of concerts and security of verified tickets means we can easily connect a fan’s discovery of music on YouTube to their ability to purchase concert tickets.”

The feature will appear on desktop and mobile, starting today. But, it’s only available to a few major artists at this time. However, it will expand to more entertainers in North America and will eventually be available worldwide.