November 4, 2022
new YouTube Up Next video overlay

YouTube Adds a New ‘Up Next’ Video Overlay Feature

YouTube has apparently changed how its introduces the next video in a queue, adding a new overlay appearing at the end of a video…

Anyone who has spent any time on YouTube knows the platform will automatically bring up another video at the conclusion of another. It’s appropriately labeled “Up Next.” Now, the experience has changed.

New YouTube ‘Up Next’ Video Queue Overlay Debuts

YouTube now shows a new overlay, which floats above the current video as it comes to an end. Previously, the next video would fill up the entire screen. Additionally, the countdown to automatic play now resides in the upper right corner.

The UI change seems to come from a server-side switch.

It’s decidedly different from how it looked before and there’s no guarantee this will make its way out to wide release.

Savannah Marie

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