June 23, 2022
Facebook Messenger UI redesign

Facebook Pushes Out its Redesign of Messenger and Users Don’t Like it Very Much

The latest Facebook Messenger UI redesign is now going live via a serve-side update and people are expressing their discontentment about it…

Facebook said back in October it would redesign Messenger for simplicity. Since that time, the new UI or user interface, has rolled out to some users but not all. Those who initially saw it didn’t like the changes. And now, it’s rolling out widely through a server-side update and it seems, user sentiment hasn’t changed.

Newest Facebook Messenger UI Redesign Unpopular at Roll Out

Messenger 4 is currently going live around the globe and people are making their displeasure with the new experience known.

Facebook originally stated it would pair-down the dashboard, removing unnecessary elements. With it, the new look would likewise emphasize the most important features. While it largely seems the company stuck to its intentions, the refresh faces quite a bit of user criticism. 

As for the actual changes, it’s certainly more spare than previously. There are now three tabs instead of nine — chats, contacts, and games. The Favorites Bar is also gone but most other elements remain, although not conspicuous.

Facebook appears to follow the trend set by Google’s Material Design, which means heavily white aesthetics. And, it doesn’t include a dark mode, at least not at this time.

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