June 22, 2022
Snapchat AR drawing effects

Latest Snapchat Effects let Users Draw in AR

New Snapchat AR drawing effects are here, giving people the enjoyment of trying some of the most fun technology for social media…

Snapchat already offers a number of neat effects. But, there’s more to use now, thanks to a new addition. The Snapchat app for iOS now contains a 3D paint tool that uses the camera to draw augmented reality visuals on top of whatever is in the frame.

Newest Snapchat Effects give Users the Power to Draw in Augmented Reality

The new Snapchat AR drawing effect can easily be used just about over anything in the camera frame. So, users can frame a selfie, catch a pic of a kitten, or add enhancements to scenery.

It works like the Samsung AR Doodle but isn’t locked down on on OEM platform. Just hit the AR Bar and tap on the “Create” button. 

At this time, it’s only available on iOS devices but Snap Inc. plans to bring the feature to Android in the “coming months.”

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