May 22, 2022
Newest Windows 11 Build should Speed Up Performance

Microsoft Makes Performance Improvements to this Key Feature in Windows 11

Microsoft’s most recent iteration of Windows 11 speeds up File Explorer, which should help it run quicker and smoother on older hardware…

Microsoft’s Insider early access program participants can now test out Windows 11 Build 22526. The new version introduces a number of fixes and enhancements, many of which are relatively minor. But, one, in particular, is notable, given that it will improve a key function of the operating system that’s long been prone to sluggishness and regular crashes, causing it to have a questionable reputation.

Newest Windows 11 Build should Speed Up Performance

Even though Microsoft introduced Windows 11 with several performance enhancements, one specific program and essential tool remains quite slow and still crashes to this very day. To remedy this, Microsoft is using the latest build to experiment with a new approach to indexing file locations, which the company hopes will help users hunt down important files more quickly in File Explorer.

If the most recent changes make it to stable release, sifting through vast amounts of files should soon be much faster. Presumably, the change will be particularly beneficial for users running Windows 11 on older, less powerful hardware, who are more likely to suffer performance dips and longer load times.

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