May 20, 2022
Newly Discovered Firefox Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over Entire WiFi Networks

Mozilla Urging Firefox Users to Immediately Update their Browser Version or Risk Hackers taking Over

Firefox is open to hacker exploits, a security researcher warns, so Mozilla is asking its browser users to upgrade their software right away…

Firefox is a popular choice among those who are concerned about privacy. Though it only holds a bit over 7 percent of market share, it’s the second most-used behind Google Chrome. Even though it offers many security and privacy features, it’s not entirely without flaws. Recently, Australian security researcher Chris Moberly discovered a critical vulnerability that hackers can exploit to seize all devices on a WiFi network.

Newly Discovered Firefox Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over Entire WiFi Networks

The issue lies within Firefox’s SSDP system. (SSDP is used by Firefox to detect other devices on the same network like streaming boxes and external speakers.) However, there’s a weakness here, as well. Basically, any competent hacker could deploy malicious files and hijack any devices using the same WiFi network. In fact, it would be as simple as opening an otherwise ordinary looking link in the browser.

Moberly reported the glitch to Mozilla. Thankfully, the company worked quickly to fix the issue. And now, the latest version of the Firefox browser closes the loophole. So, Mozilla is urging all users of its browsers to take a moment to upgrade to the most recent release.

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