September 10, 2021
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Here are the Biggest Factors Consumers Rely On to Decide What to Stream Next

These are the biggest streaming factors people rely on to make a choice as to what to watch next and none are surprising…

The average US consumer now subscribes to an average of three video streaming services. While there are several choices, Apple is reportedly about to jump into the market and Disney+ is expected this year. (Additionally, Disney now officially owns 21st Century Fox, which includes X-Men, Deadpool, and most of Hulu.)

Nielsen Survey Reveals Consumer Streaming Choice Determination Factors

So, how to people chose to watch what they watch? Well, it turns out the biggest streaming choice factors aren’t very surprising. Sixty-seven percent state their decisions are based on familiar content, according to a recent Nielsen study.

And, familiar shows and movies, previously only available on cable and satellite aren’t the only considerations. Consumers chose familiar content over streaming originals. 

The second most influential factor is recommendations from family and friends. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 66 percent of respondents cited family and friend recommendations behind familiar programming.

Perhaps the only surprising figure is 48 percent say they pay attention to algorithmic recommendations. Moreover, 42 percent, report being influenced by what they come across on social media.

A recent report from Leichtman Research Group reveals cord cutting is on the rise, while cable and satellite continue to suffer losses. Satellite lost 2.36 million customers in 2018 and cable lost 47 million.

Conversely, Netflix reported 58.5 million memberships at the end of Q4 2018. (Up from 52.8 million the year prior.) Hulu hit 25 million memberships last year, an increase of 48 percent year-over-year.

Additionally, estimates now place Amazon at 26 million subscribers. Moreover, YouTube TV now boasts over 1 million subscribers.

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