December 2, 2020
Nintendo Blocking Legacy Logins After Data Breach Compromises 160000 Accounts

Nintendo is Now Blocking Legacy Logins after Suffering a Data Breach that Compromised 160,000 Accounts

A recent Nintendo data breach has caused the company to shut down NNID logins after 160,000 user accounts were compromised…

Multinational consumer electronics and video game company Nintendo, which is headquartered in Japan, has closed off legacy NNID or Nintendo Network ID logins, after the company suffered a data breach which affected 160,000 customer accounts, according to a news report by the BBC

Nintendo Blocking Legacy Logins after Data Breach Compromises 160,000 Accounts

The Nintendo data breach not only resulted in the shut down of legacy logins, it’s also prompting the company to urge Switch gaming device owners to lock down their accounts. Additionally, the corporation confirmed the breach and its actions:

“This time, using a login ID and password information obtained illegally by some means other than our service, a phenomenon that seems to have been made by impersonating login to ‘Nintendo Network ID (* 1, NNID)’ from around the beginning of April We have confirmed that it is occurring. We also confirmed that there was an illegal login to some “Nintendo accounts” via NNID using this impersonation login.”

Nintendo says the data breach exposed could have resulted in third-parties having access to private details, including nicknames, email addresses, dates of birth, and gender . However, the company states that credit card and other payment information was not compromised.

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