November 8, 2022
selling location data illegal

Newly Introduced Bill could Make Selling Location Data Illegal in the Five NYC Boroughs

A councilman in New York City has introduced a bill that would make selling consumers’ location data illegal in the five boroughs…

New York City might have the distinction of being the first municipality to ban the sale of geolocation data to third-parties. A councilman has put forth a new bill which would make it illegal for telecoms and app developers to sell location data collected in the five boroughs.

NYC Councilman Proposes Bill to Ban Selling Location Data

The proposed legislation would impose substantial fines. In fact, fine can run up to $10,000 per day, per user, for multiple violations. Plus, the proposed law would give consumers the right to sue companies for selling their data without first gaining explicit permission.

The bill isn’t necessarily a slam dunk, however. For those who don’t know, selling location data is big business. The practice generates billions per year for telecommunication companies and app developers, alike.

Although, some federal agencies, like the FCC, have called for a big crackdown. Plus, major mobile carriers have already pledged to quit selling location data. The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently filled a lawsuit against AT&T for selling customer location data.

If the proposed law passes, other cities could follow in the future.

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