December 2, 2021
official Craigslist mobile app debuts

Craigslist Finally Introduces its Own Mobile App on iOS, with Android coming Soon after Beta Test

Craigslist has finally released its own mobile app for iOS, with Android in beta testing, and it perfectly mimics the familiar desktop experience…

Pleasing aesthetic sites, with plenty of function, have come and gone. But, Craigslist, in nearly its original form, continues to be a staple of the internet. Although it has undergone some notable changes, it’s definitely not among the prettiest on the web.

In fact, it’s longevity can easily be traced directly to its utilitarianism. And, until now, it’s lacked one key element — a mobile app. That’s abruptly changed, with the site unveiling its own mobile app.

Official Craigslist Mobile App Finally Debuts

The new Craigslist mobile app — currently in stable release for iOS and in beta for Android — doesn’t depart from the familiar desktop experience.

It comes complete with a save search option, the ability to sort results, and there’s no need to have an account to browse the listings.

The new Craigslist native mobile app also makes it easy to contact sellers, with options to call, text, email, or simply view contact info. Of course, it’s a cinch to browse by category and to refine queries to find the most relevant listings. So, people can more easily discover things they’re most interested in buying or picking up for free.

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