November 6, 2022
WordPress AMP plugin

WordPress Updated its AMP Plugin to Give Devs the Power to Build Websites Almost Solely on AMP Tech

The official WordPress AMP plugin was just updated and now, it’s actually possible to build a whole website with AMP tech…

Google created AMP or accelerated mobile pages to greatly speed-up load time. Although it’s not been without some criticism and a few problems, the technology works quite well overall.

Page load times are a fraction of traditional pages. So, many sites quickly adopted the tech. Now, WordPress has updated its own AMP plugin and it includes an unusual function. That is, self-hosted WP sites can now be built entirely on AMP.

Official WordPress AMP Plugin Updated to Allow Site Building Entirely with AMP Technology

This means new sites can be created without the need to duplicate pages (one for traditional and one for AMP). Also, it would theoretically eliminate the hidden URL problem plaguing publishers using AMP on their sites.

Even though this is a huge benefit in several ways, it’s not totally feasible to build an entire website with AMP. More particularly, it’s not an option due to the many functionalities AMP does not support. In other words, it’s possible to build out a site with AMP only but this wouldn’t apply to certain technologies, such as e-commerce, as well as others.

The new version of the WordPress AMP plugin provides an option to only apply the tech to specific pages or sections.

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