October 1, 2022

Hackers are Using this Old and Malicious Malware Trojan in a Clever New Scheme

Hackers are exploiting an tried-and-true malware Trojan with a new twist to gain control over new victims’ computers and steal personal data…

There’s a new phishing campaign that attempts to lure victims into installing malware that gives cyber-criminals full control over infected Windows machines. It uses the Quaverse Remote Access Trojan or QRat — which first emerged in 2015 — to provide attackers with remote access to victims’ computers. But, this time around, the scammers are using odd lures to bait potential victims.

Old Windows QRat Trojan Malware Uses a New Lure to Trick its Victims

QRat first hit the internet about five to six years ago. It’s remained one of the most successful cyber threats because it is very difficult to detect since it hides under multiple layers of obfuscation. Plus, it’s very adept at infiltrating a number of areas. These include, but are not limited to, the ability to steal passwords, keylogging, file browsing, taking screenshots, and more.

The new scam starts with an initial phishing email promising potential victims a loan that brings a “good return on investment.” As with many of these kind of schemes, the message contains an attachment. However, said attachment isn’t at all related to the email subject. Rather, it contains a video of a viral news story. Some reports state that one such attachment is a video of President Donald Trump. But, it seems the threat actors will also use anything else that’s currently newsworthy.

Once infected, the cyber-criminals can not only spy on what’s on their victims’ machines, but also, take total control of their computers, too. 

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