September 17, 2022
Older Android Phones to Lose Secure Website Support by September 2021

Older Model Android Phones won’t Support Numerous Secure Websites by September 2021

Older Android-powered mobile devices will loose access to many popular and secure websites, starting in early January of next year…

Large portions of the secure or encrypted web will soon be off limits to older Android handhelds, warns Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt. Beginning in the first part of next year, any mobile devices running versions prior to Android 7.1.1 Nougat won’t trust root certificates, which will effectively lock them out of many secure websites. Then, by September 2021, all cross-signing partnerships will end altogether.

Older Android Phones to Lose Secure Website Support by September 2021

This isn’t an entirely new predicament. But, because the technology has vastly improved over the past several years, consumers are holding on to their smartphones longer than ever. Since these devices are in the wild for lengthier periods of time, site owners must ensure they have compatibility in order to grant access to older model handhelds.

However, it’s not logistically feasible to be able to accommodate phones that date back many years. What’s more, as operating systems were all older, and hardware more out of date, it’s not possible for manufacturers to keep issuing updates to antiquated devices.​​ At best, older Android owners will experience inconsistencies when browsing the web.

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