October 1, 2022
older Apple TV devices losing HBO now app

HBO Now App is Disappearing from Older Apple TV Devices

Some legacy Apple TV devices are no longer supporting HBO Now for streamers, so it might be necessary for new hardware upgrades…

Although streaming isn’t new, the technology and practice is not all that old. But, that doesn’t mean that legacy devices will work forever. As technology evolves, hardware becomes less and less reliable or able to handle the workload. Now, some older Apple TV devices are starting to lose their abilities to support HBO Now.

Older Apple TV Devices Losing HBO Now

This April, it was announced that HBO Now app would be pulled from some older Apple TV devices, particularly second- and third-generation boxes. Originally, the suspension was scheduled for April 30th, but HBO delayed the move for two weeks following criticism of its short notice and consumer black-lash for pulling support during the global pandemic and subsequent COVID-19 quarantines.

The company states that HBO Go will remain available for a couple to few additional months. But, that’s dependent on its users having an existing cable subscription. So, it’s a bit more burdensome and complex. However, it does give those consumers time to decide whether or not to upgrade their hardware.

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