June 19, 2021
Opera Integrates Dify Payment App into its Browser to Offer Cashback for Online Purchases

Opera Builds a Cashback Service Right into its Browser for Online Purchases

Opera has a new digital payments tool built into its browser that gives users cashback for certain purchases made online through partners…

As Chrome continues to dominate browser market share, other web portals seek ways to stand out. Microsoft is working diligently to become a bigger player with its recently redesigned Chromium-powered Edge browser. But, others have relied on privacy and other user-friendly protocols to try to attract users. Now, Opera is turning to a cashback option via its Dify payments app.

Opera Integrates Dify Payment App into its Browser to Offer Cashback for Online Purchases

Right now, Chrome holds the top spot with 63.63% of market share. Meanwhile, Safari is a distant second with 19.37% and Firefox and Samsung claim 3.65% and 3.49%, respectively. Currently, Edge is fifth at 3.24% and Opera last with just 2.16%, according to statcounter. In order to improve its standing, Opera is taking a stab at something consumers should find attractive — money back for online purchases.

Opera’s new Dify payments app is at the center of the fintech, which allows people to create an account and receive a Mastercard debit card to shop the internet via Google Pay. At this time, the cashback service is only in Spain, but Opera plans to expand it to more European markets in the future. And, to give consumers more wallet options, such as savings management, credit, investment, and instant cashback.

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