May 27, 2022
Original Pixelbook Listed as 'Out of Stock' on the Google Store

Original Pixelbook is ‘Out of Stock’ on the Google Store and It’s Not Likely coming Back

The original premium Pixelbook, Google’s high-end Chromebook, disappeared from the Google Store this weekend and probably won’t return…

Anyone wanting to buy the original, premium Pixelbook isn’t going to find it on the Google Store any longer. Over the weekend, it was suddenly listed “out of stock” in the United States, and over in the United Kingdom, “no longer available.” Only the Chrome OS hybrid laptop remains in Canada, while other countries don’t even offer the high-end hardware package at all. Meanwhile, the Pixelbook Go, a less expensive alternative, is still available for purchase.

Original Pixelbook Listed as ‘Out of Stock’ on the Google Store

Google is fairly notorious for discontinuing products without warning. And, the company’s September 30th event most likely will not change this. That’s going to focus on the Pixel 5 smartphone and the tech giant’s many smart home devices, the Android dongle among them. What’s more probable is Google will limit its marketing attention on its Chromebook lineup, which is quite small.

The original Pixelbook’s high-end, speedy two-in-one design came with a hefty $999 starting price. But, the Pixelbook Go is most definitely a less expensive, yet stellar performer. Since the Pixel Slate, Google’s detachable tablet form factor didn’t catch on with consumers, there’s probably not much else the company will introduce in the way of laptops.

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