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Microsoft Outlook Webmail Breach Exposes Message Contents and Attachments

outlook webmail breach

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An Outlook webmail breach occurred in the first quarter of the year, from January through March, exposing message contents and attachments…

Over the weekend, Microsoft confirmed to TechCrunch “cybercriminals” gained access to a “limited number” of its email clients between January 1st and March 28th.

The company stated it only exposed email addresses and subject lines. But now, the software giant admits the compromise was worse.

Outlook Webmail Breach Exposes Messages and Attachments

About 6 percent of impacted accounts suffered more exposure. Those accounts email content and attachments could also be accessible.

A Microsoft spokesperson tells The Verge the following:

“Our notification to the majority of those impacted noted that bad actors would not have had unauthorized access to the content of e-mails or attachments. A small group (~6 percent of the original, already limited subset of consumers) was notified that the bad actors could have had unauthorized access to the content of their email accounts, and was provided with additional guidance and support.”

At this time, Microsoft has not revealed how many accounts were affected by the breach.

Recently, a security researcher discovered a flaw in Internet Explorer.

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