September 16, 2022
Google search no click-thrus

More than Half of Google Searches End without Clicks Over to Websites

Just over half of Google searches receive absolutely no click-throughs, according to new data examining 40 million browser-based queries…

Google might dominate the search market but that doesn’t mean people follow through with their queries. In fact, more than half of all searches come to an abrupt end, with zero clicks.

Over 50 Percent of Google Searches End in No Website Clicks, New Data Reveals

Over 50 percent of Google searches do not result in website clicks, according to data examined by analytics firm, Jumpshot.

As of June of this year, 50.3 percent of Google searches did not end with click-throughs. By comparison, queries which include organic clicks to non-Google websites now account for just 45 percent of all traffic.

The study included 40 million browser-based desktop and mobile searches in the United States.

Worse yet, is the disturbing trend toward zero-click searches, which have increased in number since 2016. During recent years, organic reach for third-party sites has continued to decline.

This seemingly backs up previous research. In June of this year, Search Engine Land cited another study which suggested the number of zero-click searches reached 49 percent of all queries in the first quarter of 2019.

This is probably due to the fact Google continues to deliver more summarized snippets. Whether or not the trend continues in the same direction remains to be seen.

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