January 12, 2021
over 500000 Zoom accounts stolen and sold online

More than Half a Million Zoom Accounts have been Stolen and Sold Online

Zoom, the cloud-based videotelophony service, has suffered a huge blow, with more than 500,000 accounts stolen and put up for sale on the dark web…

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent COVID-19 quarantines, the internet has provided the best means to keep things going, even if in a limited capacity. Zoom, a relatively unknown cloud-based video chat service, quickly became a popular go-to option. But, in a very short time, the platform has suffered a bunch of bad news, including hackers exploiting Zoomboming.

Over 500,000 Zoom Accounts Stolen and Sold Online

But, this isn’t all, the folks over at Bleeping Computer have run a story that reveals cyber-security firm Cyble have discovered hundreds of thousands of Zoom accounts have been stolen. Said account were put up for sale as early as April 1st, some of which at no charge.

Affected accounts include American universities, including University of Vermont, University of Colorado, Dartmouth, Lafayette, University of Florida, and others. Moreover two of the biggest corporate names include Chase and Citibank.

The stolen Zoom accounts include sensitive information, including the victims’ email addresses, passwords, personal meeting URLs, and their Zoom HostKeys. This comes at a time when the company faces enormous criticism, due to its lack security.

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