April 7, 2021
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Here’s Why Facebook Shuts Down Over 1 Million Accounts Per Day

In excess of one million Facebook accounts are abruptly shuttered every day, the company revealed in a recent onstage discussion in San Francisco…

Facebook closes over one million accounts per day, security chief Alex Stamos said at a recent event. The social network fights a constant battle against spam, fraud, and other “threat actors” among its incredible 2 billion worldwide users.

More than 1 Million Facebook Accounts Shut Down Daily

Unfortunately, some Facebook accounts takedowns occur due to false positives. “When you’re dealing with millions and millions of interactions, you can’t create these rules and enforce them without (getting some) false positives,” Stamos explains. But, he likewise explains the company’s recent increased efforts to identify spam, fraud, and hate speech inflate those false positives. Simply put, the more emphasis on these types of content means more cases of mistaken identification.

Facebook faces an enormous challenge because it cannot rely on humans alone. The company must also rely on technology. In May, it updated its News Feed Algorithm to reduce clickbait. Then, in mid-August, the social network announced new efforts to purge News Feed video clickbait. That followed its use of machine learning bots to fight fake news

Also, in August, the company revealed a ban on cloaking, a practice which deceives social algorithmic filters. However, the company continues to face criticism about its arbitrary rules and its lack of transparency.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg states the company plans to hire 3,000 employees to monitor and remove offensive, spam, and fraudulent content.

“The number of accounts turned off every day is (in the) seven figures or eight figures,” Stamos said, with some fraudsters attempting to create thousands of accounts at one time.

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