September 15, 2022
paid social

Paid Social Growing on Major Platforms

Paid social advertising for brands continues to increase on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr, according to a new report…

Using data from December 2016, ClickZ Intelligence estimates paid social will go up this year. The largest beneficiary of this trend is Facebook, as 61 percent of ad pros globally plan to spend more on the social network. Meanwhile, only 7 percent of brands plan to decrease their spending. Data from eMarketer predicts Facebook will account for two-thirds of all social media ad revenue in 2017.

Paid Social on the Rise Across Major Networks

Facebook-owned Instagram will ties professional networking site LinkedIn for the number two spot, with 40 percent of brands expecting to increase ad spends on these two platforms. The remaining top seven in digital ad paid social are: Twitter (27 percent), Snapchat (19 percent), Pinterest (16 percent), and Tumblr (6 percent). 

Although ad executives claim to spend more on Facebook and Twitter, both will experience less revenue from some brands. Twitter is the unenviable first place winner for a decrease in spending, with 11 percent stating plans to reduce ad buys.

The fact Facebook claims the top spot in paid social isn’t a surprise. Afterall, it owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook leads with 1.86 billion active monthly users, Instagram has 600 million active monthly users, and WhatsApp claims approximately 700 million active monthly users.

Curiously, 48 percent of respondents stated Snapchat is “not relevant” for paid social. However, across the major platforms, paid social will continue to rise through this year.

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