September 16, 2022
Pandora podcast support

Pandora Now Supports Podcasts on its Web Player and Desktop App

Pandora podcast support is now available for the platform’s web player and its desktop app, giving streamers more options…

Last year, Pandora released a library of podcasts. At the time, it contained hundreds of shows. Now, it counts into the thousands. It’s seen enough success that the company is bringing support for podcasts to its web player and its desktop app.

Pandora Web Player and Desktop App Podcast Support Debuts

The new Pandora web player and desktop app podcast support is now available to both free and paying users.

In the past few years, competitors like Stitcher, Apple, and Spotify — along with others — have been busy building out their services. However, during the same time, Pandora has done little.

Although, Pandora has been working on its Podcast Genome Project — a mix of algorithms and human curation that builds suggestion lists for listeners according to interests.

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