May 20, 2022
Pay with Google

New ‘Pay with Google’ Option Rolls Out for Mobile Purchases

Pay with Google is a new way to access different saved cards for mobile purchases, not only those on file with Android Pay…

Mobile purchase checkout can sometimes be difficult. It might require completing various forms. Session timeouts complicate the process. And, errors wreak total havoc. Now, Pay with Google comes to solve these problems.

Google wants to make the mobile shopping experience more seamless. So, it first introduced the Google Payments API back in May. Now, the search giant is expanding on that technology.

Pay with Google gives Instant Access to Different Saved Payment Accounts

The idea behind Pay with Google is to streamline the mobile purchase process, creating better customer experience. This also helps retailers because it seeks to increase online conversions. Specifically, Google users can now select any payment card stored within Android Pay, Google Play, Chrome, YouTube, and other proprietary platforms.

Google sends stored payment and shipping information right to the merchant. Plus, this makes it a lot more simple for retailers; all that’s needed is a few lines of code. (To add the Google Payment API, just click over to developer docs.) The API is now available worldwide.

When using Pay with Google, shoppers see a list of credit and debit cards saved in their various Google accounts. They just tap on their desired card to complete transactions.

Payment providers, like PayPal’s Braintree, Stripe, Vantiv, Worldpay, Adyen, and Groupe Paysafe will continue to work as usual. Plus, more payment providers will soon be added, including:  ACI, Assist, Ebanx, First Data, Global Payments, GMO, IMSolutions, and TapPay.

Supported merchants now include: Instacart, Kayak, iFood, Gametime, and more, with others coming soon:

Pay with Google merchants
Credit: Google

Pay with Google presently works in mobile apps and Chrome. But, the search engine states it plans to incorporate the option into other browsers.