February 24, 2021
PayPal mobile app overhaul

PayPal Overhauls its Mobile App to Offer more Personalization and Less Clutter

A new PayPal mobile app overhaul will soon hit Android and iOS devices, with less clutter and more of a personal experience…

Payment processing platform PayPal has announced it will again revamp its mobile app. It’s part of an effort to fend off challenges from newcomers, such a Zelle. It’s a redesign with the core function solely in-mind. That is, sending and receiving funds between individuals and businesses alike.

PayPal Mobile App Overhaul Launching Soon for Android, iOS

Currently, the PayPal app is littered with shortcut buttons, such as “Offers,” “Donate,” “Order Ahead,” and more. The new PayPal app will reassign those options, placing them under a “More” menu option.

Curiously, the “Send” and “Request” buttons, though presently front-and-center on the home screen, won’t get any larger. Contrarily, those buttons will reside in the bottom bar. While most of the home screen will display personalized notifications. The user’s balance is situated below the notification’s strip. And, other notifications and settings appear as small buttons at the top of the screen.

The new PayPal mobile app overhaul is currently rolling out to Android users in select markets, which include Australia and Italy. The U.S. will follow, along with other countries. Thereafter, it will roll out to iOS.

Watch a video explainer of the new PayPal mobile app experience in-action: