July 30, 2021
PC Shipments Drastically Drop 8 Percent Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

PC Shipments Free Fall, Nearly Hitting a Record Low, Set in 2016

Forecasts for PC sales and shipments were uncertain amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but now, the numbers are in, and a huge drop occurred…

With the outbreak of the COVID-pandemic, some estimates forecast serious consequences for PC shipments. (Though the new ubiquity of homeschooling, telecommuting, and more home-based alternatives might mitigate the damage.) Now, the figures are available and show a substantial downturn.

PC Shipments Drastically Drop 8 Percent Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Canlys, a market insights firm, estimates that PC shipments fell by approximately 8 percent in the first quarter, in a year-over-year comparison. Part of the reasons are due to Chinese factories shutting down and Intel chip shortages also played a role. This marks the biggest decline since 2016, when PC shipments decreased by an astounding 12 percent.

Apple took the largest hit in the top five, with a 21 percent decrease, compared to the beginning of 2019. HP and Acer experienced more than a 10 percent decline, while Lenovo dropped off 4.4 percent. (The only company to experience any growth was Dell, with a 1.1 percent increase.)

Conversely, overall sales are up, due to the sudden demand for home-based technology, because of the coronavirus. However, that’s merely a surge and probably won’t last, as Canalys expects a “significant downturn” in the second quarter to follow.

PC shipments first quarter of 2020
Credit: Canalys

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