September 13, 2021

PC Shipments Experience an Increase as More People Embrace WFH

PC shipments, previously down for some time, have seen a resurgence in the second quarter of the year but sales are still another story…

For years now, PC shipments and sales have been on a seesaw, but mostly trending down. For instance, in April of 2013, sales of personal computers suffered the worst drop of the time. Then, in January of this year, those figures turned around, with the first growth in eight years. Just a few months ago, in April, PC shipments experienced a free fall. Now, shipments are back up.

PC Shipments Sharply Spike as WFH Grows as the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

During Q1, PC shipments were again down, due to the impact on manufacturing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, both IDC and Gartner are reporting PC shipments grew in Q2 as more people transition to WFH or work-from-home environments as coronavirus cases spike.

Although, the two companies don’t agree as to the actual amounts. IDC states PC shipments rose by an impressive 11.2 percent in a year-over-year comparison. Meanwhile, Gartner’s calculations aren’t as optimistic, placing the growth at a more modest number of 2.8 percent.

Two factors are increased demand for Chromebooks in Canada and the US, along with “record demand from stay-at-home orders” for PCs in general. It’s important to note that shipments and sales aren’t the same. Shipments are to retailers like Best Buy, whereas sales are consumer purchases.

But, forecasts predict higher sales as consumers buy up existing inventory. This, as Windows laptops and Chromebook sales recorded a mid-40 percent increase year-over-year, in May.

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