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Search “” on Google for Android to See Sent and Received Text Messages

A specific Android Google search reveals very odd results, displaying sent and received text messages from users’ devices…

Now, this is weird. For some reason, searching “” on Google for Android, with two dots, brings up text messages. It’s a strange but constant phenomenon. No matter the person or the company, there are always bugs in the code. And, here’s just one prime example of things going awry.

Peculiar Android Google Search Displays User Text Messages

A Reddit user recently searched “,” complete with the two dot typo. Doing so resulted in displaying text messages. But, it appears confined to this particular search query alone.

For instance, 9to5Google attempted to replicate the results using,,, and None of which triggered the text messages. 

Although, this isn’t exactly new. It’s actually the same text message summary Google already delivers when users ask to show their text messages. The tool works by pulling the text messages, complete with a reply button. But, tapping said button then launches the device’s default SMS application.

The original incident was found on a Google Pixel. But, it appears to work for just about any mobile phone running Android. (Or, at least Oreo and above, through the Google app.)

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