October 4, 2022
Periscope Super Hearts

Periscope Super Hearts, New Creator Monetization Feature, Goes Live

Periscope Super Hearts come to the popular mobile app, providing a new way for creators to earn money with live broadcasts from viewers’ virtual gifts…

Periscope just debuted a new monetization feature for creators. Periscope Super Hearts are a new way for live broadcasters to earn money from their content. The popular mobile app, owned by Twitter, pays a large percentage of viewers’ virtual gifts.

Periscope Super Hearts, New Live Broadcaster Money Earning Option Feature, Rolls Out

Periscope Super Hearts are an in-app purchase users buy for real currency to send to their favorite creatives. Periscope Super Hearts are sent by users to live broadcasters during their streams as animations, which creators can then redeem. After an upfront 30 percent in-app purchase fee, Twitter pays out 70 percent to creators monthly, withholding 30 percent for itself.

“Super Hearts are new types of hearts that are larger, animated and more fun to give. To give Super Hearts when you’re watching a live broadcast, tap on the Super Hearts icon right from the broadcast to change which types of hearts you send — then tap away to your heart’s content!” Team Periscope explains.

Periscope Super Hearts example
Credit: Periscope / Twitter

The new option inspiration apparently comes from China, where these transactions are quite popular. Unfortunately, the process is a bit complicated but might still prove worthwhile to creators. The virtual coins range from $0.99 to $100.

“As a viewer, you can only send Super Hearts to a broadcaster when they’re live. Everyone who sends Super Hearts will be added to a leaderboard to display who’s given the most love to the broadcaster. For broadcasters, it’s now easier to see your biggest supporters in each broadcast. If you prefer to stick with the traditional hearts, you can turn Super Hearts off before going live.”

Back in March, Periscope expanded its pre-roll video ads across the platform. Periscope Super Hearts are now available in the Google Play store and Apple App Store, for Android and iOS. 

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