July 4, 2022
YouTube videos with kids and video games get the most views

Pew Study Confirms what Most People Already Know — YouTube Videos with Kids and Video Games get the Most Views

A recent study by the Pew Research Center finds YouTube videos including kids and video games get the most views…

Here’s something many people already suspect — YouTube videos including or featuring children and/or video games get the most views. 

Pew Study Reveals YouTube Videos with Kids or Video Games get the Most Views

The Pew Research Center conducted a study of over 40,000 high-subscriber channels for a week. 

The deep dive also made it clear YouTube is highly popular outside the United States. Combined, all the included high-subscriber channels (those with at least 250,000 subscribers), published a total of a quarter-million videos in the first week of January 2019. Of those videos, just 17 percent were done fully in English.

Although the US is the country with the most active users, about 180 million, people in other countries account for a substantial amount.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, videos aimed at or featuring kids garnered almost 3x as many views as other videos. Of over 30,000 English-speaking videos, nearly 1 in 5 included content about video games.

In fact, gaming videos received more than 120,000 views, beating out food, current events, and politics videos. (Videos about politics only made up 4 percent of the videos posted by the most popular channels.)

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