May 23, 2022
Phone Hub for Chrome OS Preps Direct Mobile App Launch from Notifications

Google is About to Bring Chrome OS and Android Apps Closer Together

Google is about to integrate Chrome OS deeper with Android, allowing people to open mobile apps directly on Chromebooks seamlessly…

Google ostensibly continues to work on Fuchsia, its cross-platform operating system. Still a ways off, though, the tech giant is busy fusing Chrome OS with Android in other forms. Apparently, this is what’s happening with a feature under development, the ability to launch apps from a phone directly to a Chromebook. This, through a simple click from a notification.

Phone Hub for Chrome OS Preps Direct Mobile App Launch from Notifications

If it makes it to public release, Chrome OS will support app syncing across platforms, according to Mishaal Rahman. It’s tucked into a new setting inside Google’s Phone Hub. There, an option to “temporarily” use apps directly on a Chromebook. This makes it possible to stream whatever app receives a notification in a dedicated window on a laptop or desktop without having to reach for another device.

This leak isn’t the first time a feature like this has been spotted in testing. Previously during this year, a program named “Eche” was uncovered. This would also allow for mirroring apps whenever notifications popped up.

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