November 7, 2022
undeletable Samsung Facebook app

Turns Out, Some Samsung Phones Ship with a Facebook App Owners can’t Delete and They’re not Happy about It

An undeletable Samsung Facebook app has some new phone owners frustrated as it can only be disabled but not uninstalled…

Although phone manufacturers are increasingly shipping devices with less bloatware, the makers still pre-install select apps. Among them, of course, is Facebook. And, it’s undeletable.

Phone Owners Unhappy with a Pre-Installed, Undeletable Facebook Samsung App

A recent report from Bloomberg states some Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S8 come with a pre-loaded Facebook app owners can’t uninstall. While the device owner can disable it, there’s no way to permanently remove it.

It’s unknown when Facebook and Samsung entered an agreement and it’s also not clear as to how many handhelds have such pre-installed versions.

Last year, Facebook endured a lot of controversy. Which lead to the #DeleteFacebook movement. Even though only about 26 percent of users removed the Facebook app from their phones, 42 percent took several weeks leave from the social site. This, not surprisingly, is just how people learned the app couldn’t be deleted from some Samsung phones.

A spokesperson from Facebook explained disabling the app is just like deleting it, because it no longer collects or sends data back to Facebook. Additionally, Samsung says disabling an app means it can no longer run.

However, it was learned late last year that Facebook user location tracking continues to follow people around, even if they turn off the service in the settings.

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