Pinterest Introduces Browsable Catalogs, putting Prices Right Out Upfront

Pinterest browsable catalogs

Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest is launching Browsable Catalogs, which highlight products and identifies their prices in a very conspicuous manner…

Here’s yet another example of Pinterest attempting to dominate the world of social media, so far as shopping goes. The niche digital pinboard is adding a new button named “More from [brand]” under Product Pins.

Pinterest Browsable Catalogs Debut

The new shortcut, which is found under Product Pins, opens a browsable catalog, which clearly displays all product prices. Plus, it provides users with a way to shop for items right there inside the app.

Browsers who click through an item will go right to the retailer’s website to complete the transaction.

Additionally, Pinterest is adding a “Picked for You” one the home feed, which are personalized hubs, comprised of shoppable ideas.

What’s most interesting is although Pinterest only garners about 11 percent of time spent on social media, the platform boasts approximately 2.3 times the sales generation.

Also, users tend to wait a week before actually making a purchase. Which means it’s most definitely a place to discover and research items.

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