September 16, 2022
Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens gets New Look, More Tools

Pinterest Lens gets refreshed with new look as the image-centric social media platform gives it new features for improved user experience in the interface…

Pinterest Lens beta just received a whole new look and now includes new tools to help users do more, the company announced. Today, image-centric social network Pinterest rolled out several new features.

Pinterest Lens Sports New Look, Adds New Options

Pinterest Lens now includes pinch to zoom, camera flip, flash, tap to focus, Lenses to try, and a camera roll. Lenses to try resides at the bottom left of the screen, with camera roll placed at the bottom right.

Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest Lens beta is partially powered by machine learning, programmed to recognize real-world objects. The company states it has added more than twice the amount of categories the tool can recognize.

“Over the last month, we’ve doubled the number of categories Lens has been trained to recognize. We’ve also upped its style game, so Lens can recognize and recommend outfit ideas for a much wider variety shoes, shirts, hats and other styles you’re wanting to wear,” Anton Herasymenko, product designer, explains.

Additionally, Pinterest now includes an “instant ideas” button. The instant ideas button is the little white circle on the corner of each Pin. “So when Lens serves up an idea you like the looks of, you can tap the circle to instantly see more possibilities inspired by that original idea. And you can keep going from there, tapping more circles and finding more ideas you love.”


Pinterest introduced visual discovery back in May, along with Pinterest Lens visual search guides. Back in April, the company removed the Like button but kept its save button.

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