October 1, 2022
Pinterest Lens visual search guides

Pinterest Lens Visual Search Guides Added to the Platform

New Pinterest Lens visual search guides come to the pinboard social media site, allowing the app to identify objects in specific parts of images…

Pinterest just added a new feature to its platform. Lens, the live camera search tool, now includes the ability to differentiate objects within images. The digital pinboard calls it “Visual Guides,” which is mostly based on object detection. It serves as another way for the company to decipher what Pinners are looking for when pointing cameras in the real world.

Pinterest Lens Visual Search Guides Introduced

Pinterest introduced Lens earlier this year in February. The tool helps the social pinboard to direct users to search for an image live and then point Pinners to an array of new ideas or products which are closely related, similar, or related tangentially.

The Pinterest business model revolves around introducing new topics, products, and more which will cause longer engagement periods. With this approach, Pinterest has built up to 175 million users who find valuable information and this also carves out a distinct niche for the platform, making it different from Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Credit: Pinterest

With Lens and Visual Guides for search, this entices users to go to the property to find interesting products, recipes, articles, and more. That offers a real benefit to the platform, which can earn ad revenue during those experiences. Additionally, Pinterest is bring QR code reader ability to its site, similar to WeChat, according to TechCrunch. This feature will set Pinterest apart from its social media competition.

In late April, the company retired its Like button, while retaining its Save button. Pinterest cited confusion among Pinners as the reason behind the move.

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