October 23, 2021
Pinterest Lens Your Look

Pinterest Lens Your Look Introduced for Visual Search

A new Pinner tool, Pinterest Lens Your Look, comes to enhance visual search and shopping, for Android and iOS starting today…

Pinterest is upping its visual search capabilities. The digital pinboard is also helping Pinners dress more smartly. Beginning today, a new discovery tool, Pinterest Lens Your Look begins its roll out on Android and iOS.

Pinterest Lens Your Look Rolls Out for Visual Search

The image-centric platform now lets its users tap the camera’s visual search technology to capture clothing in closets. It delves into a deep dive, providing Pinners with a search, which displays different kinds of outfits.

“Today we’re introducing Lens Your Look, a new way to find outfit ideas inspired by your wardrobe, and the next big step for Pinterest Lens. Lens Your Look lets you add a photo of an item from your closet to your text search so you get the best ideas to try yourself. This means you can search in whatever way makes sense for what you’re looking for, whether you have the words or an image to describe it,” Pinterest explains.

Additionally, Pinterest gives its users the power to find more types of fashion. The company just announced a partnership with ShopStyle, which brings over 5 million products across twenty-five thousand brands.

“Starting today you can shop the freshest looks from ShopStyle Collective’s 14 thousand style influencers (like Color Me CourtneyNew DarlingsMint Arrow, and Memorandum), then get the look for yourself by clicking the dots that appear on shoppable products within Pins.”

Pinterest also introduced Responsive Visual Search. This tool allows users to pinch and zoom in on any object in an image. Also, Pinterest took its Chrome extension and expanded it to Firefox.

Yet another new tool is Pinterest Pincodes. These work by scanning Pincodes to reveal curated ideas on the platform.