September 10, 2021
Pinterest Lite mobile app

Pinterest Releases Pinterest Lite for Slow Connections and Emerging Markets

The new Pinterest Lite mobile app is designed to work with slow connections and in emerging markets for users in five countries…

Low or limited broadband and spotty or non-existent 4G connections are a reality in many locations around the world. As applications get larger and larger, with more robust features, they become too big for entry-level smartphones to handle.

One workaround are lite versions, something Facebook introduced by in 2015. Pinterest followed by releasing its own but it didn’t last very long. Now, the digital pinboard, after rebuilding the program, is back, with Pinterest Lite.

Pinterest Lite Mobile App Released for Emerging Markets

The new Pinterest Lite mobile app come with a small storage size of just over 1MB, substantially lower than the regular app, which demands 21MB of space. 

Pinterest Lite is now available in five countries, which only include: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru.

The new Pinterest Lite app is basically a repackaged version of the Pinterest progressive web app or PWA, which has long been available via mobile browser. 

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