August 6, 2022
Pinterest Pinsights forecast

Pinterest Pinsights Forecast Identifies 4 Trends

The Pinterest Pinsights forecast uncovers four on the rise trends for the month of March, the digital style pinboard reports on its official blog recently…

Pinboard social media platform Pinterest identifies four rising trends on its network. During the month of March, these four trends showed substantial activity, according to its Pinsights Forecast.

Pinterest Pinsights Forecast Reveals Four Rising March Trends

The four categories are food, home, beauty, and style, Pinterest writes on its blog. “Pimp my popcorn” began peaking with the award show season and there are now over 35.2 million popcorn Pins on the site. Leading the kernels is salted caramel, with more than 123,000 saves to-date. Peanut butter with chocolate, cotton candy, and Oreos are likewise strong thus far in March.

Knot pillows started rising in popularity last October and have not slowed since. These have 350,000 saves and are not expected to trend downward any time soon. Half up buns, braided top knots and no-heat hairstyles also trend strong during the month of March. Overalls likewise make the rising trend list on the online pinboard.

Pinterest just released Lens to all US iOS and Android users. The company announced a related pins Google Chrome add-on tool web-wide image search.

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